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Frequently Asked Questions

The form is unclear to me, I don’t know where to get information.

Contact us at publications@hse.ru, and we can help you understand what fields have to be filled out and where to find information for them.

Do I need to supply texts in digital form (which means to look for a file or to scan the paper or the book)?

The digital version is only necessary if you are planning to apply for an academic bonus using this publication.

In other cases, the digital version of the paper is not obligatory, but desirable.

The full text may be published both in open access (an appropriate copyright contract will be signed), and in closed access (in the local university network, or only for staff responsible for reports, grant applications etc.). The text in closed access will also be used as part of the Anti-Plagiarism system.


Do I need to supply book covers?

No, this is not necessary, but obviously, with covers the books will look better on the website.


Do I need to supply a summary and keywords?

Yes, we ask you to send us publications with summaries and keywords, since, we believe the author(s) are best placed to do this, and journal websites and e-catalogues do not always provide the summary and keywords.


How important is it to provide information about old publications (early 2000s or even earlier)?

We ask you to provide as much information as possible, but if you haven’t got all the details, or a complete archive, don’t worry. Some key papers which you would like to see on your personal page will be enough.

As regards recent publications (2011-2012 and later), we need them all – please let us know about all publications, regardless of how important you feel they are.

How to avoid creating doubles?

Before you enter a publication into the database, check that it isn’t already there (especially if you are entering a chapter of a book – check, is the book itself already listed?)
Enter the name of the publication in ‘search’ BUT: rather than putting in the whole title, if it is long, try to search for a particular word or words (try several combinations). Sometimes an accidental space in the title will not produce the book you are searching for.
For example: you enter the full title: VII annual international applied research conference “Language and communications in the cultural context” and you don’t find it in the database, because it has been entered as Language and communication in the cultural context: materials from the VII annual international applied research conference, 21-22 May 2012.
It is one and the same book but as you didn’t find it, you go ahead and enter it a second time without realising you are wasting your time in duplicating an entry. If you just search for “Language and communication”, for example, then you will get a list of variants with those words in the title and you can see if one of them is your book. If it doesn’t come up, you can proceed boldly with entering a new publication.  
IMPORTANT: enter the name of the book exactly as it is in the imprint (publication details usually found on the 3rd or 5th and last pages of a book.
If you are sure that the title of the book has been entered into the database incorrectly and not as in the imprint, write to us at publications@hse.ru (please remember to show the incorrect title, the correct title and attach a scan of the imprint).

Why can't I find the name of a journal when entering an article?

There are several possibilities here:

  • The journal simply doesn’t exist. You’ve mistaken a book for a journal. This is the most common error.

IMPORTANT: Please note that publications of collected conference papers and discussion papers are books and not journals (periodicals). So you won’t find the name of a journal in that list on the site. For that kind of publication you need to fill in the BOOK + CHAPTER form.

  • You have entered the name of the journal incorrectly

For example, the journal is called, Psychology and Education but you have typed in Electronic journal “Psychology and Education”. Your search will not come up with what you are looking for.

DON’T: enter in the field for the title of the journal: Russian History, No. 2, page 37-51. There are special fields for entering the issue and page numbers.

What information is required?

Please don’t forget to enter important information:

  • For articles in journals (issue and page numbers, if it is not an online journal)
  • For books (names of all the authors (not just your own), editors, where it was published and name of the publisher)
  • For book chapters (all authors (not just yourself), page numbers)

IMPORTANT: Please note that for new publications (2012, 2013) YOU MUST fill in the fields “Annotation” and “Key words”. We would like to encourage you to fill in these fields for earlier publications too.

Why can’t I change the publication to status READY (activate the publication)

Probably, you have forgotten to fill in all the required fields. As soon as you have entered all the vital information (required fields are lit in red), you can activate the publication.
If you can’t activate the publications because of problems entering the key words, check if you entered them correctly: Key words are required to complete the process. Typing a key word into the field is not enough. It is just a way to search. You must press Enter and choose the right key word in the window that appears. If the word is not there, you need to create a new one by pressing on the corresponding button.

Editorial Check of Publications Entered
The editor of the publications base will check publications that are added. If the publication has been entered incorrectly or not fully, the editor will write to the member of staff concerned asking them to make the necessary changes. If that person does not respond the website reserves the right to correct the entry without their consent or if the required information is not available, to delete the entry altogether. 
IMPORTANT: If the same user keeps filling in entries incorrectly and doesn’t react to letters with corrections from the editor, they will be blocked from adding further publications to the database independently (and will only be allowed to do so by sending a form to publications@hse.ru).


Have you spotted a typo?
Highlight it, click Ctrl+Enter and send us a message. Thank you for your help!